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Sun Queen Citrine Crystal Ring

$110.00 USD

The Sun Goddess Citrine Ring in gold-plated silver is likely to be a beautiful, vibrant piece of jewelry. The citrine gemstone, with its warm, sunny color, is associated with the sun and is believed to embody the energy and radiance of the sun. When combined with the rich, breathtaking gold plating, this ring truly glows. The sun goddess theme adds an additional layer of meaning, as the sun is often associated with life, warmth, and fertility. This ring would make a great gift for someone who loves citrine, gold, and the symbolism of the sun goddess.

Sizes available: 

  • 5 (extra small 15.6mm diameter)
  • 6 (small 16.45mm diameter)
  • (medium 17.3mm diameter)
  • 8 (large 18.2mm diameter)
  • 9 (extra large 19mm diameter)

Need help selecting a size? Use our size guide.

This unique ring is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.

The ring can also be made silver, For all special requests/or sizes feel free to message

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