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Pick-Me-Up Gemstone Mala Necklace (Rhodochrosite, Rock Crystal)

$160.00 USD
The Pick-Me-Up gemstone malas consist of 46 rhodochrosite balls, 24 rock crystal balls (6mm diameter), 38 rudraksha nuts and are carefully knotted by hand with a thread that matches the rhodochrosite.

A pendant with the Om symbol and a chili pod (all made of 925 silver) is attached to the back of the malas.

The prayer chains made of rhodochrosite and rock crystal are 48cm long; the tassel is 8cm long.

Rock crystal is used in modern stone medicine to promote clarity and neutrality; the mineral improves perception and brings clarity to thinking and is therefore ideal for mala chains. The rock crystal is perfectly complemented by the pink rhodochrosite; the mineral stands for activity, happiness and dynamism.

Rudrakshan nuts are seeds that are traditionally dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva and are worn as protection and a source of inspiration. The Rudrakshas as natural-looking jewelry is widespread in India and Nepal and are valued in a similar way to gemstones.

Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749–1817) initially named rhodochroit manganese spar, taking into account its chemical composition and good cleavability. From Friedrich Hausmann (1782-1859) the rhodochrosite received its name "Rhodochrosite", which is still valid today. This is derived from the ancient Greek words "rhodo" (rose) and "chrosit" (color). Spellings such as Rhodhocrosite, Rhodochosit, Rhodocrosite, Rodhocrhosite, Rodochrosite or Rodocrosite are therefore incorrect. Nowadays outdated names for the rhodochrosite are incaspat / incarose, raspberry spar, rose spar and mangan spar.

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