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Solar Plexus Chakra Gemstone Mala Necklace (Orange Calcite)

$70.00 USD

The Solar Plexus gemstone malas consist of 100 orange calcite balls and eight rudraksha nuts and are carefully knotted by hand with a thread that matches the color of the calcite. 

The solar plexus chakra is also known as the Manipura chakra (from the Sanskrit “Mani” gemstone, jewel and “Pura” lake, river, flood), Kshetra or Nabhi Chakra and as the inner sun, The solar plexus chakra denotes and stands for enthusiasm, passion, inner fire, and assertiveness.

Orange calcite conveys joie de vivre(exuberant enjoyment of life) and optimism through its color. One can accept life with its challenges full of joy, pessimism and disorientation can be shed like a skin that is too tight. With the support of the stone, new tasks are energetically tackled, developments are accelerated. Full of joy, your own life can be actively shaped and enjoyed with the help of the orange gemstone.

Rudrakshan nuts are seeds that are traditionally dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva and are worn as protection and a source of inspiration. The Rudrakshas as natural-looking jewelry is widespread in India and Nepal and are valued in a similar way to gemstones.

A pendant with a chakra symbol and a chili pod (all made of 925 silver) is attached to the back of the malas. 

The orange calcite prayer chains are 48cm long; the tassel is 8cm long.

The orange calcite beads are 6mm in size.

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