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"The King" Crystal Water Bottle Limited Special Edition

$189.49 USD

Rainbow Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Imperial Topaz, Clear Quartz, 24k Gold

Special Order Item. Please allow 10 days for delivery.

The Holy Grail of Crystal Water Bottles. As girl and boys, we’ve dreamt about being a queen or king. Slaying mighty dragons or attending a royal ball in a pompous costume. This is the kind of impression we had in mind when creating our IMPERIA line. ViA Bottles with majestic features that draw the looks of everyone around you.

The bottle is made of lead-free and non-toxic borosilicate glass and has a capacity of 500 ml.
Bottle height 22cm, diameter 7cm.

This majestic blend features everything a modern royal could wish for: 24k GOLD LEAF, mighty RAINBOW OBSIDIAN, celestial LAPIS LAZULI, a piece of priceless IMPERIAL TOPAZ from Brazil, matched with gold-hued lids. A true legacy for true leaders. Together with its royal partner blend THE QUEEN, this unique bottle is a magnificent gift for everyone who truly deserves an exclusive piece of grandeur in his life. We believe that water from this bottle will inspirit you with unmatched fortitude, integrity, regal confidence and an open heart.

Gold hued lids.
Skillfully brushed with a golden hue, these excusive lids let your bottle look like a royal scepter.


Rainbow Obsidian.
Called “The Heaven Eye”. Highly protective and shielding from negativity, its glossy dark surface is a mirror to one’s true self. The “Divine Stone” in ancient cultures.


Lapis Lazuli.
The stone of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision.


Imperial Topaz.
Encourages self-confidence, determination and focus. One of the most powerful manifestation stones. Helps you to become a more powerful version of yourself.


24k Gold Leaf.
The symbol for power and wealth. The color of royalty.


Royal Seal.
We’ve hand-applied a special seal to our product box. The perfect gift for that special person who deserves to be crowned a queen or king.


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