3 Signs That It’s The Perfect Moment to Meditate

Our body and emotions are a great clue to let us know when it's time to meditate. The body is a reliable source of information, constantly giving us hints of how we feel, physically and emotionally. If you pay attention to your body it is possible to know if you are tense, relaxed, sad, happy, exhausted or reinvigorated. While the mind is running wild, with a constant thought cascade, the body works as an anchor, always present and showing us what's happening within. You can start by noticing how your body feels and go even further by analyzing how you feel, emotionally and mentally. Learning to listen to your body and emotions only requires two things, attention and practice. If you learn to pay attention to certain signs you will know when it's time to meditate and remember, you can meditate almost anywhere even if for just a few minutes to help you gather some clarity and calm down. Here are some signs that it's time to meditate:

  1. If you feel tense or have a headache, it's time to slow down and check what's happening. If you are feeling anxious or experiencing any type of ache, that can be a sign that you need to slow down and tune in. A recommended meditation would be Body Scan. Start by lying down and bringing your attention to your body and position, notice if you have tension on your body and how you feel, if you are anxious, restless or any type of discomfort. Then, pay attention to your breathing and how it feels. Next, bring your attention to the top of your head and start to slowly scan your body from top to bottom and bottom to top. Finally, notice how everything is connected and breathe in a relaxed way, understanding that your whole body is connected.
  2. You feel exhausted and can't relax. This is a clear sign to stop and recharge, use meditation as a tool to slow down. Meditation and breathing techniques are mighty instruments to increase energy and raise vibrations. A recommended meditation would be Box Breathing. Sit in a comfortable position and take a few cleansing breaths, then inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4, exhale for 4, and hold for 4 seconds, repeat a few times. This will calm you down, both physically and mentally, as your attention is pulled towards your breathing.
  3. You feel overwhelmed. Another tell sign that you need to meditate to restore peace of mind, clarity and focus. A recommended meditation would be Mindful Breathing. This is one of the most common meditations and consists in sitting down and focusing on your breath, how it feels and where you feel it in your body. When your mind drifts away, simply acknowledge it and bring your attention back to your breathing. The idea is to learn how to be in the moment and to understand that thoughts are just that, thoughts! And you don't have to follow them every time they pop into your mind.

What these signs all have in common is that in those times we usually don't feel like stopping and meditating, or don't even remember to stop and slow down, this is why it requires practice and discipline. The secret is to listen to the body and signs because most of our emotions are reflected onto our bodies.

For home meditation I would suggest having a Selenite crystal nearby, Selenite is often used in meditation practices because it helps you connect with a higher consciousness. Angel Aura crystal is also a great option since it has several benefits that are helpful for this practice, it helps clarify situations, opens intuition to gain insight, purifies and focuses energy, removes stagnant energy and opens higher awareness and psychic abilities.

Have a good practice!

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