7 Crystal shapes and their meanings

Crystals are a form of mineral that comes in different forms and colors. We hear a lot about crystals colors and their meanings but did you know that crystal shapes matter too? Seven of the most common shapes are tumbled stones, clusters, crystal points, hearts, spheres, cubes, and pyramids. Each crystal has its own proprieties and energy, by combining the crystal energy with a specific shape, we can obtain even more satisfactory results. 

  1. Tumbled Stones are perfect to carry around. They are usually small stones that can easily fit on your pocket or purse to help you connect with its energy and intention all day long. Tumbled stones are often underrated but, they are super powerful and with high energy power. Having them with you is a great way to remind yourself of your intentions and the energy you want to put out there. They also make a good choice for someone who is shy and introverted as it can be used as a worry stone to reduce stress in social interactions, in a discreet way.
  2. Clusters are beautiful, natural formations, it's the crystal in its natural form. Crystal clusters are great to bring good vibes into spaces, improving the surrounding energy, plus they are stunning decor pieces and suitable for Feng-Shui purposes. Clusters are wonderful to have in places where people gather, like the living room or an office. Perfect for someone who likes to be surrounded by people and loves social life. It can also be used to charge other crystals.
  3. Crystal Points are well known for their ability to focus energy. Using them for manifestation is my favorite use. Crystal points are able to amplify energy consequently, amazing for manifestation purposes. All you need to do is select your intention, hold the crystal point in your dominant hand, and visualize what it is you want to manifest while holding it. You can then, write it down to make it even more powerful.
  4. Crystal Hearts are the choice when it comes to love and healing old wounds. It can be used for meditation and to balance the heart chakra. It attracts loving energy and helps to get rid of negative emotions as they provide a tremendous amount of healing energy. When we hold them in our hands, they emit a calming and loving vibration that can heal old wounds, help us with self-love, and enable us to make better decisions.
  5. Spheres or crystal balls represent unity and connection to the universe, being a great meditation companion. They emit energy in all directions with a gentle and even vibrancy.
  6. Cubes have grounding energy, great for stability and connection with the Earth. Cubes are the perfect shape to convey stability and grounding energy. 
  7. Pyramids have a strong foundation that serves as an anchor and connection to earth energy. The apex sends the intention to the universe. They promote stability. Pyramids have been a powerful symbol since ancient times for their stability.


Now you know the most common crystal shapes and their meanings, which are of great aid to developing a strong spiritual connection. Of course, there are other shapes that could be considered a part of the family as well, but we covered the main ones. Keep in mind that not every crystal is going to suit your needs. This is why it is important to understand the healing properties of each crystal you are interested in. 



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