Crystals to release anger

Every emotion we have is important and serves a purpose, we have to have lows to appreciate the highs, but when we get stuck and fixated on certain emotions we get frustrated, resentful, and worn out. Resulting in unbalanced energies with a negative impact on our lives.

When we allow ourselves to healthy experience the emotions, in this case, rage, it passes more quickly but when we lock that feeling, we can always resort to working with crystals to help us move forward.

Here are some crystals to help to deal with anger issues:

Rose Quartz - To increase love and compassion

This crystal is also known as the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels allowing deep inner healing and self-love. The stone is calming, reassuring, and excellent for use in trauma or crisis. It helps soothe its owner and offers supportive vibes when you need it the most. Rose quartz removes negative energy and replaces it with wavelengths of love. It is perfect for strengthening empathy, sensitivity and aids the acceptance of the change. Dealing with a difficult person or situation becomes easier when you have the energies of Rose Quartz by your side. There is no better stone for your emotional and mental health, as Rose Quartz allows you to speak up about unexpressed emotions while teaching you to love yourself more authentically.

Black Tourmaline - Cleansing negative energy

Tourmaline is excellent at cleansing, purifying, and transforming all dense energies into a lighter vibration. The gem grounds spiritual energy and clears and balances all the chakras, forming a shield around the body. Tourmaline helps you understand yourself and others, taking you deep into yourself. The stone promotes self-confidence all while diminishing fear.

Black Obsidian - Overcoming fear-based response and negative thoughts 

The black Obsidian is a powerful stone that grounds the soul and brings spiritual forces into the physical plane. It is an excellent stone for detox, dissolving blockages, and tension. Obsidian is also extremely protective, repelling negative thoughts while providing support during times of change. So whenever you feel unbalanced, filled with negative thoughts, or needing grounding, hold an Obsidian and take some deep calming breaths, even if for just one minute. The stone allows you to manifest spiritual energies on earth because it amplifies energy. 

So, next time you feel stressed, uneasy, or need grounding, just pick your Black Obsidian and carry it with you for as long as needed. You can also meditate while wearing or holding the stone, try a body scan meditation it works really well for grounding, and in conjunction with the Obsidian.

Malachite - Balancing the heart chakra

Malachite is excellent for manifestation and balance. This stone corresponds to the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, which vibrates green and is related to unconditional love, kindness, and forgiveness. Therefore, it is great to release anger and let love and compassion fill that space in your heart.

Furthermore, it is excellent at grounding spiritual energies. Perfect for when you need to get rid of toxic emotions, and for clearing unwanted energies and gaining confidence, a great companion for times of change.

You can use it while meditating to balance the heart chakra or when writing in your gratitude journal. 

How to work with these crystals:

- Wear a piece of crystal jewelry throughout the day for as long as needed.

- When you feel angry, hold your crystal and repeat your mantra, like for example: 'I breathe calm, and exhale anger'

- With your crystal nearby, do a quick meditation. Visualize your anger floating away in a bubble of the same color as the crystal you are using.

- Cleanse your crystal frequently (because they absorb the negative energy)

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