Forgive Yourself Today and Raise Your Vibration

We all make mistakes or sometimes act in a way that we are not proud of, but the most important thing is how we deal with and learn from those situations. Dwelling about past errors will do us no good and will not fix things, that's why we should learn to forgive ourselves. This doesn't mean either that you should ignore and forget mistakes, we should all be responsible for our acts and face the consequences. We also should admit when we are wrong, take the lesson and forgive ourselves.

Here are some tips for forgiving yourself:

  • Reflect on your actions or mistakes and confront them with your values to discover why that action or event is bothering you and how you can do things differently in the future.
  • Accept what it is, what is done is done, learn from that experience and move on. Dwelling on it won't change a thing and hurt emotions and well-being.
  • Be kind to yourself, sometimes we make wrong decisions due to several factors that may cloud our judgment, or maybe we were too exhausted and that lead us to make a mistake, ultimately we all make mistakes, so find self-compassion.
  • View the situation from an outside perspective. Imagine that the mistake was made by a friend, what piece of advice would you give? Take that advice and show some self-compassion. Surely you will get things right the next time.
  • Try a guided self-forgiveness meditation, you can find guided meditations online or with an app. This is a simple yet effective way to learn to forgive yourself. Place a rose quartz crystal nearby while meditating, rose quartz is considered the stone of unconditional love and it can be used as an anchor to remind you that you are worthy of forgiveness just like everybody else.

Let go of what no longer serves you and raise your vibration through forgiveness, start today, it will improve your life exponentially. Be responsible, learn and forgive.

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