Full moon meditation

Combining the moon cycle with your rituals of self-care is a great way to enhance the results. In our article How to Get in Tune with the Moon, we went through all the stages of the moon with a brief introduction, and here we are going to find out two great meditations specifically for the full moon.

The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, is the time to feel all the feelings, to let go, and to release some weight that might be dragging you down. It's an excellent opportunity to prepare for the next cycle with a "blank slate". If you start paying attention to the moon cycle you will surely notice how it impacts our lives, the moments of bigger restlessness usually occur during the full moon. This means that being in touch with the lunar cycle can help you achieve your goals and process your feelings. The full moon is an invitation to reflection and to let go.

To do the first meditation, start by sitting down in a comfortable position but not so comfortable that you may end up falling asleep, your spine should be aligned as if a string was pulling the top of your head and close your eyes. Commence by taking some good deep breaths and then return to your natural breathing and begin thinking about the last two weeks, what went right and what went wrong. Since it's time to purge, start with forgiveness, by thinking of who hurt you in some way, it can be someone you know, a stranger, or even yourself. Think about that person or situation and repeat to yourself, "We all wish to be happy and we all make mistakes, I forgive you with an open and kind heart" or "We all wish to be happy and we all make mistakes, I forgive you with an open and kind heart". Keep in mind that this process can feel overwhelming, if that's the case for you start with easier and lighter situations. With practice, you will be able to cope with more upsetting situations, it just takes time and persistence.

Another meditation that is great for the full moon is to practice gratitude. Feeling appreciation will warm up your heart and fill you with love and with a positive mindset. Being thankful is extremely useful to keep motivated and to go for your endeavors. 

Seat straight, relax and close your eyes. Take some deep, long breaths and return to your natural breathing. Begin by thinking of what and whom you are grateful for over the last two weeks, it can be a complete stranger that made your day better, a friend or a family member, or something that you have accomplished. Focus on that person or circumstance and feel grateful, imagine a bright light expanding from yourself until it takes all the room, city, country, the entire world filled with peace and light. Repeat the process for each person or situation that you are grateful for and really feel it, this is key and will boost your energy.

If you wish to strengthen your meditation with crystals I strongly recommend Rose Quartz, it works beautifully with forgiveness and gratitude practices. It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels allowing deep inner healing and self-love. 

So, for the full moon, make the best of it!

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