How to Open Your Third Eye and Benefits

The third eye is said to be located between the eyebrows and it is associated with clarity and intuition. The third eye is something very common in several ancient cultures and can have different names, in Ayurvedic for instance it is called Ajna and it is considered the sixth chakra in our body. This area is also linked to the pineal gland, which is correlated to the circadian cycle, being of great importance to our well-being and functioning. By opening and healing this chakra we are able to gain insight and wisdom while strengthening our spiritual connection and intuition. A blocked thirty eye on the other hand can lead to confusion and pessimism.

To open the thirty Eye, start by acknowledging and treasuring it, show gratitude for its existence and abilities, it is truly remarkable. Devote some time to it, let's say, 10 minutes a day should be enough. Some rituals to awaken your third eye:

  • Natural light, make sure to expose yourself to natural light, do it early in the morning or late afternoon to boost your energy and spiritual connection.
  • Meditate and chant mantras if you like, by chanting we can benefit from the vibrations and strengthen our intention and concentration.
  • Be aware of your diet, it is said that some foods are beneficial to the pineal gland, like raw cacao, garlic, lemon, and honey, just to name a few.
  • Essential oils can also facilitate this process, essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, or jasmine are recommended.
  • Indigo and dark purple crystals are great allies to open the third eye, like amethyst or sodalite. These crystals are great for intuition and will help strengthen and open the third eye. You can use it by placing it between or slightly above the eyebrows while meditating.

The time that one takes to open the third eye varies a lot, stick to your rituals and you will know when the connection is opened and strengthened. Furthermore, with time you will see that some of these rituals become natural and effortless. And super beneficial to overall well-being.

Enjoy the journey!

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