The Benefits Of Drinking Crystal Infused Water

Crystal infused water is easy to make: First, cleanse your favorite crystal(s) before beginning with the process. You are going to want to ensure that your crystal-infused water is safe to ingest. Here is a list of all the crystals that are safe to use during this process. Then, place your gem in a glass bottle, or a similar container, and pour spring water into it. Let your essence rest for 12-24 hours and voilà: You just created your very own crystal infused elixir/water. However, if you are short on time, or would just prefer a more convenient method, click here to view our line of crystal water bottles.

So, what are the benefits of drinking this mixture, you may ask? Well, essences are said to be able to encapsulate the healing benefits and powers of crystals. Therefore, if you, for instance, infuse your water with Rose Quartz, you will receive all the sensational healing benefits and energies from said stone, in your beverage. Because water is excellent at capturing the vibrations and energies of minerals, it means that drinking crystal-infused water will transfer those vibrations to your chakras and energetic field, helping you feel more balanced.

You can also combine multiple stones during this process in order to create an essence that allows you to profit from various different energies. Personalizing your crystal infused water depending on your individual needs may be extremely beneficial when manifesting something specific into your life, like love or financial freedom. 

Either way, always be sure to check the crystals of your choice for toxicity. Therefore, when in doubt, go without.


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