Turning failure into growth

Let's start by rethinking failure to understand how it can help us to grow. To begin with, we all experience failure at some point in life. Our instinct is to make that feeling of defeat, humiliation, and even embarrassment go away. But, if we reflect on them, we will learn, grow and turn that failure into an advantage. "...Try again, fail again, fail better." — Samuel Becket.

Think like this, if you have failed, it means that you are actually trying and that's a good thing. It's better to do it and fail than not do it at all because of fear of failure. There is a risk of failure in everything we do, even if small, and that's okay. When it happens, give yourself some time to get over it, reflect and move on fully aware of the lessons that the failure has given you.

If a door closes because of a mistake, another one will open, and who knows, it could be even a better one for you! The important thing is the takeaway, maybe what you were trying to do it's not the best for you, or you have learned something about yourself or even supple upon an unexpected discovery. Ultimately, you will know what not to do and prevent it from happening again.

When something goes wrong, it is also wise to discuss it with someone of trust in a constructive manner. To understand how to fix it if possible and how to prevent it from happening next time. Avoid defeatist speech and ask for help, most people love to help, to give ideas, and their perspective.

Also, when you speak about what went wrong, especially if it is a joint effort, like at work or other projects, it prevents others from falling into the same trap, and you will all grow together. 

Be kind to yourself when mistakes happen, you are only human and this is how we keep learning and improving. Negative self-talk can make us feel even worse, and it is a waste of energy. Instead, switch to a growth mindset and ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why did this happen?
  • How can I prevent it?
  • How can I do this better next time?

If you need a self-confidence boost try working with Tiger Eye crystal for a couple of days or more if needed. It will help you in accomplishing goals while promoting clarity of intention. Tiger Eye is perfect for people who are spaced out and uncommitted. The stone is also very useful for helping you recognize both your needs and those of other people around you. Tiger Eye also helps when resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts while providing you with balance, and improving your self-confidence and self-worth. 

Meditation and journaling are also great ways to keep the mind clear, sharp and creative. Discover the problem solver that is in you by being an active solution seeker. With clear intentions and practice, everything is within your reach! So, go for it and shine.

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