Why alone time is so important

Some people have difficulty in spending time alone and that is understandable because after all, we are social creatures. Most people feel uncomfortable when alone, consequently avoiding it. But being alone doesn't necessarily mean feeling lonely, however, it can be trouble for outgoing people. But why is alone time so important, then? Well, it gives us the time to reflect and recharge. And this is also why some people don't appreciate alone time, feelings and deep thoughts start to arise and this can be uncomfortable. It can even be overwhelming especially when we are used to a fast paced life, or it can also be boring which can actually stimulate creativity.

Being alone gives you the opportunity to explore your desires, feelings, and reflect on life events with no distractions, which helps bring clarity, it also increases creativity and boosts your social energy. The benefits are incredible!

This doesn't mean that you should spend a great time of your day alone but you should create some moments when you can breathe and reflect. It is all about being comfortable in your own company and exploring your likes, feeling with no interference from others. Being experimenting with new things, exploring interesting subjects, learning. It's a time for personal growth and development. Start by scheduling some alone time and plan something that you enjoy like exploring a hobby, relaxing, going for a walk, it can be anything as long as you can do it by yourself. This will help, especially if you are an extrovert, for extroverts, creating alone moments comes more naturally, since they feel the urge for alone time to recover, gain energy after social interactions. So if you are an extrovert think of it as an opportunity to do things you love and to spark new ideas and experiences that you can later share with friends and family. Spending time alone can be pleasant and beneficial to both extroverts and introverts.

An amazing crystal for your alone time can be clear quartz because it helps clarify situations, which is great for reflection and it also opens intuition, helping with creativity and unblocking solutions. It's also great for meditation practice, which is also a good activity suggestion for your alone time.

Some signs that you may need some alone time:

  • You have been feeling irritable with minor things or things that didn't use to bother you.

  • You feel overwhelmed and drained, just the idea of spending time with people already consumes you and starts to feel like an obligation.

  • The joy of spending time with people starts to be replaced by anxiety.

  • Lack of concentration, as a result of the points above.

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