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Below The Surface Oracle Deck, Guidebook + Journal

$69.50 USD

Created By Vanessa Somuayina

Introducing Vanessa's Fourth Deck: The Below The Surface Oracle

Illustrated by Ana Bastos


Each Below The Surface Oracle Deck Includes:

  • A Stunning Hand-Crafted Box With Soft Touch Finish
  • Complete 44-Card Oracle Deck 
  • Breathtaking Blue And Silver Gilding on Cards' Sides, Front & Card Backs
  • 116 - Page Large Hardcover Full-Colour Guidebook With Foil Details
  • A 100 - Page Blank Journal For You To Track Your Progress & Keep Your Thoughts Safe
  • Box Features Gorgeous Velvet Inlay to Secure Your Cards
  • Blue Ribbon For Easy Card Extraction
  • Cards Printed On Ultra-High Quality 350gsm Paper
  • 100% Custom Card Size For an Extremely Satisfying Shuffling Experience 



The Below The Surface Oracle takes you on a marvelous journey of self-discovery, where you are encouraged to celebrate every layer of your reality. 

Whether you are basking in the sunlight zone's warmth or diving deep into the abyssal zone, the Below The Surface Oracle supports you in your pursuit of truth and wisdom. You are invited to express yourself authentically; no explanations are necessary. 

Some days, being authentic may look like cheerfully celebrating an accomplishment. On other days, being true to your emotions might entail reaching out to a loved one for their support in a challenging situation. Both are valid expressions of your authenticity and personal needs, which this oracle encourages you to express without judgment.

From the common octopus to the tiger shark - your 44 oceanic spirit animals are here to gently guide you towards success, happiness, and well-being. This oracle is carefully curated to help you dive below the surface, into the deep end. Like an unopened treasure chest, your journey is filled with surprises and precious gems worth saving. Reach for your cards intuitively and frequently, and keep your thoughts and findings safe in your accompanying journal. Brace yourself for what awaits you below the surface.


Yours truly,


Vanessa Somuayina 



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